relaxing shiatsu treatment of the neck
Photo; Christian Pelegrini

Shiatsu is closeness, awareness and perception.

Shiatsu is transformation and regeneration.

Shiatsu gives new power and releases

one's own healing resources

Shiatsu gives you wings


Shiatsu is wellness in its best form

Futon for Shiatsu Treatment
Foto: Theda Lindloff

Shiatsu is a form of holistic body work which has its roots in medical practices of East Asia. In this approach the body is nourished energetically by „ki“ (or „chi“) that flows through the meridian energy channels of the body. As long as this living energy is running through our bodies without hindrance, the life inside us will unfold harmoniously, we'll be in good health and will be emotionally well balanced. When however, the flow of energy is blocked it impacts negatively on our soundness and mental state.


 The literal translation of shiatsu is finger („shi“) and pressure („atsu“). The stimulation of the acupuncture points or 'tsubos' is achieved by applying pressure with the palm of the hand, fingers or knees. Stretching, holding and gentle agitation are also main elements of Shiatsu. When applied, these techniques tackle the blocked areas and our energy 'ki' is again slowly released. This deeply effective balancing activates our self healing processes, gives us inner calm and a positive attitude to life and relaxation.


 For comfort and ease shiatsu sessions are also offered in English


Shiatsu can do even more for you. It is a very effective treatment for:


pains and tensions


Shiatsu is a very effective therapy for acute or chronic pains such as; back and shoulders, muscle aches and headaches caused by tension. The increasing transmissibility of the meridians releases directly, the tension in the muscles and increases their flexibility. Furthermore, pressure on the spine and nerves is reduced. Sometimes you'll experience pain simply vanishing after just one session. In cases of chronic pain it is usually necessary to repeat the treatment several times at approximately weekly intervals in order for the body to integrate the new information into the its natural rhythm. Thus, the body is retrained and doesn't fall into old subconscious negative patterns.


emotional stress and imbalance


With the help of Shiatsu emotional tensions and fears can be dissolved. Depending on the depth and background of the emotional stress the benefits can be immediate helping with current pressing situations like exams or demanding work schedules. In states of disharmony which arise from past experiences, 'burn out' or stressful partnerships Shiatsu helps us little by little to loosen the grip on old unpleasant memories or fears and releases an energy that gives us more confidence and vitality whilst helping us to maintain.


during pregnancy


Shiatsu can be very beneficial to the expectant mother helping her body cope with the enormous changes inherent with pregnancy. It can ease unpleasant conditions such as nausea and fatigue. In the advanced stages of pregnancy a Shiatsu session will relieve back and shoulder pain which many pregnant women suffer from. It's also the perfect preparation for body and mind prior to giving birth.


Shiatsu also can help to tackle:


  • problems with the gastro-intestinal tract
  • period pains, skin problems,
  • burnout...not forgetting its prevention ;-),
  • and listlessness

Shiatsu can be given in all health conditions and at any age. It is often immensely effective as a complementary treatment enhancing parallel conventional methods such as psychotherapies or medical treatments that cause significant secondary effects. It can also simply be a nice way to pamper yourself!



Shiatsu Treatment of the head - for headaches, stress and for inner balance
Foto: Christiane Pelegrini

What can I expect from a typical Shiatsu session?


  • Shiatsu treatment is usually given on a futon lying on the floor
  • Shiatsu is given fully dressed.
  • An all-embracing Shiatsu session lasts about an hour, a longer session increases the intensity
  • I give my shiatsu sessions in the beautiful sunny rooms of the “Le Mani Praxis” or I can come to your home, workplace, hotel or hospital...basically, wherever I can lay out my shiatsu mat or find suitable conditions.



To start a shiatsu session a short informal description of your concerns would be necessary whether they be physical, emotional or energy related – most of the time these things are connected anyway. After lying down comfortably I would start to get a picture of the body's constitution by sensing the diagnostic fields in the 'hara' (Japanese for belly). The combination of the given and sensed information will lead the shiatsu session. Treatment always follows the immediate need the body is showing at that particular moment. This creates an intense and concentrated communication in which my hands are the tools. This deep communication is the essence of shiatsu.


The whole body from head to toe, front to back is treated in a shiatsu session. When I give Shiatsu, I work eather dynamically and in a flowing manner to waken one's natural vitality or  when needed with a delicate listening  touch, that invites hidden or tense enegries and body parts to show up and loosen.  I put techniques deriving from Seiki and fasciawork in action to achieve this. Besides the mind set, that underlines the potentials and the positive functions of the energies I work on, has a very potential power to encrease your wellbeing.


I would like to underline just how deeply relaxed and dissolved the body can feel after a Shiatsu session. With the positive energies that fill your body through Shiatsu's influence I want to awaken your inner smile. Deeply in my heard I believe, that the ability to remember this smile will change your life - for good! :-)




some words about me

Theda Lindloff - Shiatsu Practicioner, GSD

certificated shiatsu Practitionner (GSD) Theda Lindloff
Foto: Christiane Pelegrini

I have lived in Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg since 1995.

I have two daughters, 12 and 8 years old.


I have worked with Shiatsu since 2005, when I opened my first practice "Leibkultur" in Berlin, Kollwitzkiez with the offer of short relaxing shiatsu sessions, I named 'Shiatsu to go'.  Since 2013 I share the sunny and beautieful practice-rooms of the 'Le Mani Praxis' in the Winskiez of Prenzlauer Berg with a great team of therapists. 

I had started to learn Shiatsu between 1999 and 2001 at the “Zentrum für Harmonische Bewegung” where, initially, I went to practice Aikido. And took classes again todeepen my knowledges and complete my Shiatsu studies with the recognation of the GSD - the german Organisation for professional Shiatsu practicioners. I passed my diploma  in March 2017 at the Europene Shiatsu Institute (ESI) in Rome after visiting classes in Berlin, Münster and Rome since 2014. Besides the Teachers of these schools I'd like to mention especially Elke Werner from ESI Münster and Patricia Stefanini from ISE  Florence /Milano who I am very greatful for their impulses I received from their classes.  .

The Studies at the ESI follow the scientific and practical researches of Shizuto Masunaga and his pupils who went on completing his visions after his early death. For me this work represents in one hand a soft and listening touch and on the other it emphasises the positive vitality in each of us. Through the life-functions we can comunicate with in the touch of the meridians, we take our focus off the pain and pathologies and to the resources to stregthen them.


Prior to working as a shiatsu practitioner I was a fashion designer and quickly moved into theatre designing, making costumes for dance, opera and spectacles. Whereas in my work  with costumes and clothes it was more on the outside my focus changed to the peace and happiness within. Shiatsu gives me the opportunity to practice a therapy that gives me and my clients so much joy.